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Issue Three - 2016

Committed to excellence

Minimally Invasive


We are pleased to now be able to offer a range of minimally

invasive laparoscopic and thoracoscopic procedures.

These procedures offer the advantages of quicker recovery and eliminating

the risk of wound complications compared to traditional surgeries. Our

surgery team will always carefully assess if a minimally invasive surgery is

beneficial to a patient or an open approach is more appropriate.

If you have a case that you think would benefit from a minimally invasive

procedure please contact one of our surgery team on

01883 741449


We can offer a wide range of procedures


• Fixed price laparoscopic ovariectomy

• Cryptorchid testicle removal

• Liver and other abdominal organ biopsy

• Gastropexy

• Laparoscopic assisted cystotomy,

splenectomy and enterotomy

• Pericardectomy

• Thoracic exploration and biopsies

New day ward opens

Due to increasing demand for

our referral services we have

now completed construction of

an additional day ward consisting

of 15 kennels. As with the other

kennel facilities in the hospital, the

kennels are climate controlled,

designed for optimum hygiene

with a mixture of kennel types

for all patient sizes. With these

additional kennels we can now

hospitalise 65 dogs and 22 cats

in the hospital at any one time.

99% of clients would

recommend NDSR to

a friend

As part of our ‘commitment to

excellence’, we are continually

striving to improve the service we

provide to our clients, referring

vets and their patients. We have

now completed our first 6 months

of monitoring client feedback

and are delighted that 99% of

clients who returned forms would

recommend us to a friend. Our

feedback from referring vets

was also excellent, with 90% of

referring vets rating their overall

experience as excellent (5/5) and

the remaining 10% rating us 4/5.