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Website launch

We have recently launched our new website. As well

as an exciting new look the site includes a number of

new features including

information sheets for clients


online booking of referrals


online booking for our

CPD evenings


Please visits our new website at


Issue Two - 2016

Committed to excellence

New Outpatient

Imaging service

We are pleased to announce

that we are now offering a new

outpatient imaging service. This

service allows you access to

state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging

modalities to help complement

your current investigations.

The client and patient remain under the

control of your practice and you decide

on further diagnostics and treatment.

The imaging studies are obtained and

reviewed at the time by Specialists in

diagnostic imaging, ensuring optimal

studies. We can offer outpatient

ultrasound, CT, MRI and fluoroscopy.

Our diagnostic imaging team are happy to

discuss the suitability of procedures before

referral if you are unsure how to proceed.

• Patients will be admitted and

discharged by one of our interns

• Patients must have been examined by

the referring vet within the last 2 weeks

of the referral and we will ask you to

certify the patient is, in your opinion,

fit to undergo sedation or anaesthesia

if required

• Full bloods should have been taken

within the last 2 weeks if the patient

requires anaesthesia or sedation

• Outpatient imaging is carried out as

per the instructions on the request

form. We accept no responsibility for

the appropriateness of the procedure

or area under investigation, concurrent

diseases or ongoing treatment

• We will not perform invasive

procedures such as biopsies and

aspirates on an outpatient basis

• All communications will be directly with

the referring veterinary surgeon. We

will not report or discuss results directly

with owners

• If there are unexpected findings we will

endeavour to contact you immediately

to discuss them

• We will send a full report within 24

hours of the procedures

• For CT and MRI we will include a copy

of the study on CD

If you would like to refer a patient for

outpatient imaging please contact our

diagnostic imaging team or refer in

the usual ways.